Welcome to the Concert Ministry of Singer/Songwriter Tim Malchak.

Led by Tim and his wife, Leslie, it is dedicated to spreading the love of Jesus Christ through music and testimony.

Tim presents his original music to groups of all sizes throughout the Southeast. The seventy-five minute concert consists of solo acoustic guitar and vocals combined with stories of the personal and scriptural inspiration for his songs. Tim also gives his powerful testimony of God's work in his life, taking him from fame in Nashville, through drug addiction and recovery to using his gifts for God's glory today. 

We invite you to listen to the music and read Tim's testimony and prayerfully consider if your church might host a concert in the near future. 

Also, please help support our ministry by purchasing Tim's music, (CD or Digital Download) through the CD Baby music store, or on iTunes and other digital outlets.

 To book an event, email us at timmalchak@gmail.com or call 843-540-1350.